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You CAN Lead by Mark Cooper and Daryl Bates

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You CAN Lead is the literary product of both Daryl’s and Mark’s remarkable history as leaders across multiple sectors and segments – from private entities to not-for-profits to government organisations. The book takes readers through unique and extremely insightful experiences and anecdotes that will help shape and revolutionise even the most stubborn and closely held preconceived notions.


Words from the authors: “We hope you enjoy this book and find it valuable in progressing your own leadership development journey, no matter where you are on the leadership-prowess continuum.”

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Neither Mark nor Daryl purport to be perfect leaders. Following their own advice, as explained in You CAN Lead, they remain on a continual journey of learning.

We are all human and even the very best leaders make mistakes. Any improvement in a person’s leadership prowess is, however, extremely beneficial. Imagine if one could achieve, say, a 20% improvement in their ability to lead. The benefits that would accrue to them, to those they lead, and to their organisation would be immense and well worth the investment. Leadership, therefore, is an integral aspect of personal growth at all stages of life and across the spectrum as we advance through our respective careers.

While science and research sit behind everything discussed in You CAN Lead, Mark and Daryl don’t focus heavily on academic discourse. Instead, the book provides numerous perspectives and lessons, each learned through experience in the field of leadership, sometimes Mark’s or Daryl’s own experience, sometimes that of others.

Relating personal experiences is a very powerful means of passing on information, context and meaning, and Mark and Daryl use that technique a lot in this book. So as not to embarrass their colleagues, friends and family, or to breach confidences, in many cases they have changed names and other details but the pertinent facts of each story, and the lessons that can be derived from them, remain true.

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2 reviews for You CAN Lead by Mark Cooper and Daryl Bates

  1. Grant M

    Your new book “You Can Lead” is , without doubt, one of the most honest and pragmatic books on leadership I have ever read. Subjects such as “when to walk away” and “embracing failure” as well as discussing the power of listening are rarely discussed. I read an article once by Bill gates about the value of saying no and that’s probably the only thing I have read of a similar nature. One of your first chapters is about leadership myths and you have delivered on exposing them very well. Gung Ho leadership traits often displayed in movies etc are simply nonsense – this is the real thing. Great work – Alan Peck

  2. Grant M

    Just finished the enjoyable task of reading your book. Just loved your work. I love the practical case study examples throughout the book.
    I found it an easy read because you can tell the content comes from real life experience both from how you were led and how you yourselves lead. The good with the difficult.
    I love how you pose different perspectives from different, well known leadership examples and let the reader draw your own conclusions as to what you can take out circumstantially and for your preferred style.
    You have also chosen good, credible examples of tools and techniques to share, that you have each learned and adapted for your and your clients’ success.
    Clearly in line with your chosen demographic of developing the emerging leader, this book’s content gives great insights into the what and how. But I found it just as valuable a reminder for the more mature and experienced leader to reflect on how well we’re still relevantly sticking to the basics. Basics that will always underpin good leadership irrespective of industry, endeavour, geography or culture.
    I’ll strongly recommend this practical book and look forward to adding it to those books I most often suggest to my own emerging leaders and already successful executive clients I coach.
    Congratulations on such a great resource. Best wishes Heiner (Executive Coach – Lets talk coaching)

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